VS Form is a type-related online visual archive, with a loose emphasis on the lesser known and obscure. Our objective is to create an impartial resource of selected and diverse typographic content, intentionally void of excessively illustrative, or cliché works. Although a vast amount of exceptional typography is generated within the field of graphic design, we aim to explore the bounds of the typographic image, regardless of avocation.

[1480–90; (v.) < Middle French contraster < Italian contrastare to contest < Latin contrā- contra-¹ + stāre to stand; (n.) earlier contraste < French < Italian contrasto conflict, derivative of contrastare]

The underlying theme of VS Form is that of contrast, with an intentional emphasis on random, intermittent posts, juxtaposing designers, genres, and content both visually and conceptually. Our news feed embodies a similar ethos, compromising disparate selections of related creative interests across numerous fields.

VS Form is edited and published by Michael Jarboe, of AE Type.


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The images hosted on VS Form have been collated from various sources and are presented and archived for reference purposes only. Images are not presented as our own unless otherwise noted. Copyright belongs to the legal owner or creator of the featured work.

If you see your work presented here and would like to have it removed or would like to have any information within the post updated or corrected, please contact us at the email below.


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